Shellback Smart Phone Safe

Shellback’s Smartphone Safe

Shellback Business Services has developed the Smartphone Safe (SPS), the world’s only way to completely eliminate distracted driving and prevent fatal accidents

The Smart Phone Safe was created for one reason – to prevent accidents associated with distracted driving. The SPS was designed with the fleet manager, safety director, employer, parent, and safe driver in mind. It works by completely removing the phone from the driver’s sight.  It tracks, confirms, and reports that the driver is compliant. With the ability to confirm that the phone is securely out of sight, and with real time reporting of vehicle movement, the SPS provides valuable data to ensure the safety of your driver(s) and the ability to make proactive decisions before an accident occurs.

What is a Smartphone Safe?

The Smart Phone Safe secures the phone out of sight in an intelligent case with embedded technology that confirms and reports phone location and status.

Most distracted driving solutions today focus on the car or the driver or specific apps.  The Smart Phone Safe has one singular focus – the phone.  It is the only solution that secures the phone out of sight and eliminates the possibility of distraction.

The world’s only fool proof way to eliminate distracted driving due to smart phone usage – the Smart Phone Safe syncs with your phone and tracks when it is stored out of sight while driving.  It sends real time notifications whenever the phone is removed from the case while driving.


How Much Do Smartphone Safes Cost?

Shellback Business Services offers a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the Smartphone Safe of $60 per cell phone case and a monthly monitoring fee of $15.  However, Shellback will have a very aggressive pricing plan in place to build out its sales and distribution channels. Special pricing will be available for Fleets with price breaks at 500, 1,000 and 1,500 vehicles. In addition, volume pricing will also be available for eCommerce sites, brick-and-mortar AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and other wireless franchises, Walmart, Target, Cost-Co and other wireless big box retailers, resellers, distributors and wireless carriers who buy in bulk.

And for people who want the best possible deal of the year, please check out our upcoming Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign that will be offering huge discounts on both Smartphone Safes and monthly monitoring plans that may be up to 50 to 75% off on four different Early Bird pricing deals.

Early Bird discounts will only be offered to people that are signed up on our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign Mailing List, which will notify our best supporters and most loyal backers the moment the crowdfunding campaigns goes live. Pricing is so low that these products should sell very quickly.

How Does a Smartphone Safe Work?

The Smart Phone Safe connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth connection.  It confirms the phone is out of sight (the phone goes in the case), reports on device usage in real time (you will know if the case is opened or closed), and tracks data and presents it in a useful way (Cloud based SQL database and dashboards.)

Once you connect Smart Phone Safe to your phone, the SPS App – available on Android and iOS –  will continuously monitor your phone status and let you know when the phone is removed from the case.

Shellback Smartphone Compliance Reporting

  • Not following the rules?  The Smart Phone Safe sends out an immediate alert when a driver decides to take the phone out of the case when driving.  This data allows you to take action before an accident happens.
  • Two phones?  The Smart Phone Safe can handle multiple phones.  Our patent pending technology determines the exact phone or phones that should be in the case and notifies the driver that the phones are now safely stored for safe driving.  This could be helpful for those of us that have both a work and personal phone.
  • Minimal Data Usage-  The SPS App utilizes minimal data to track both the speed and location of the driver.  All data is tracked in the cloud and only alerts due to unsafe conditions are pushed out.
  • Battery Technology – The Smart Phone Safe comes with a fully rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 months and be easily replaced or recharged.
  • The Case  – The Smart Phone Safe is made of rugged materials and guaranteed for one year.  It is dust-proof and water splash proof. It has three indicator lights to illustrate when it is safe to drive and an audible alarm as well.
  • Reporting –  All activity is tracked in real time and uploaded to our cloud-based server.  Data is stored in  a SQL database and converted to simple to use dashboards.  Alerts are sent directly to our clients via SMS text or email.   The Smart Phone Safe sends out an immediate alert when a driver decides to take the phone out of the case when driving.  This data allows you to take action before an accident happens.

Driver Cell Phone Usage Data is Key

Intuitive dashboards allow you to see and understand exactly what is happening with your drivers with multiple views of data to provide deeper insights and to quickly identify regions or specific drivers that need attention. Various views are available:

  • Driver view for an individual or group of drivers;
  • Region view for a preset group of drivers based on any criteria such as geographic location;
  • Enterprise view for a quick summary of the entire population, allowing for visualization of compliance in real time, or from a historical perspective based on date selections.

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