Thanks to Pokemon Go, There are 10,000 Instances of Distracted Driving

(source: cda news)

A study by researchers from San Diego State University and John Hopkins University found that there are over 10,000 daily incidents of distracted drivers and pedestrians due to Pokemon Go. The finding, which was published in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal, examined news items and Twitter posts to take a look at traffic incidents related to the hugely popular mobile game.

Pokemon Players Can Be Relentlessly Determined to Catch Them All

The study that examined about 350,000 Twitter posts reveal that the players of the augmented reality (AR) can be relentlessly determined, so much so that some users may be tempted to violate the rules of the road. According to Tech Times, a random sample of 4,000 posts were generated and each post was classified either as the passenger engaging with the game, the driver playing the AR game, or a pedestrian playing Pokemon Go and interacting with traffic.

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